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Grants For Moms Who Are Entrepreneurs

Many Moms with a passion for making a difference are starting their own businesses. These motivated Moms introduce products, services, and opportunities to the market place that meet needs, provide valuable services, and deliver goods that people love. Funding is often a problem for any business start-up, but grants for Moms are available, and in greater abundance than many would guess! You want a source for the most accurate information about finding grants for Moms who want to succeed in business.

Let your search for the right grant begin with these proven sources:

The Small Business Administration’s Office of Women’s Business Ownership: The federal government has thousands of grants available for women who have a sound business plan and the passion to make it work. Women entrepreneurs are succeeding as never before, and the Office of Women’s Business Ownership is providing inspiration, education, mentoring, and funding for new start-ups and for established businesses that want to expand.

The Women’s Funding Network: This private group works with public organizations and private sources to promote effective alliances among women business owners, including Moms, and the sources of funding required to launch their businesses toward success.

TAP – The Ada Project for Women: Geared toward the sciences, this organization supplies helpful information on conferences for all women business owners, as well as sources for applying for grants for business start ups owned by Moms and other women.

Count Me In: This grassroots source of funding organizes women with funds to loan or give, and makes those funds available to other women who are looking to start or expand a business. They provide the application and review process, award the grants and loans, and offer mentoring for all recipients.

While these organizations are well established and legitimate, there are many frauds lurking out there as well. They offer grants and ask for high fees for applying, but deliver nothing but disappointment.