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There Are More Scholarships For Minority Women Than Ever Before

How do you get a minority woman scholarship?

Most scholarships are not actually named this. The fact is that a lot women in general find themselves in the same situation of wanting to return to school but cannot afford it. Most of the excellent scholarship programs that are established by the government or at the national level are targeted more toward anyone that is in need.

Here are some examples of Federal Grant Programs that are suitable for minority women.

· Federal Pell Grant – Beginning 1 July, 2010 the Pell Grant will provide up to $5,550 toward your college expenses. Eligibility is determined based on a person’s financial need as well as the cost of your education.

· FSEOG Program – The Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Program (FSEOG) provides grants of up to $4,000 per school year. The grant is catered toward low income individuals and current recipients of the Pell Grant receive priority for the FSEOG.

· Academic Competitiveness Grant – Is another Federally funded grant which is granted for up to two years of a recipients education. The amount of this grant is smaller but helps none the less.

Who else is helping minority women get scholarships?

Aside from Federal Grant Programs, State, Religious, Corporate, and Private organizations are among the largest providers of scholarships for minority women. Visit the financial aid office of the school you plan attending and ask regarding specific scholarship or grant programs that are unique to your area or school.

Online based scholarship programs are becoming increasingly popular. Many of these programs award tens of thousands of dollars each month to recipients. These types of scholarship programs are generally designed to meet the needs of specific types of people, whether it be minorities, single mothers, single dads, military members and families, to name a few.

Use the resources at your fingertips to get money for college

One of the challenges people face when beginning the process of getting scholarships and grants is actually finding out about the programs that are available to them. There is a wealth of information available on the internet and should be a primary source of research. You school’s financial aid office is another great resource. There are also many excellent websites that gather scholarship and college information into one place which makes the search and application process much easier and faster.