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Unusual Scholarships – Strange and Wacky Ways to Fund a College Education

If you are searching for some creative funding to pay for school, unusual scholarships might be the answer. Did you know that there are thousands of dollars in free money for college that go unclaimed each year because eligible students fail to apply for these oddball awards? You could very well be eligible for these unusual scholarships if you know where to look.

As weird as it may seem, you can earn money for school for being unique. Here are some of the best ways to find some of these unclaimed and low competition scholarships that you could very well be eligible for.

Watch the media around you. Commercials, magazines, newspapers, and bulletin boards are great places to spot odd scholarships. For example, the Coca Cola Company sponsors a scholarship with the main criteria based on being a first generation college student.

Get a list of scholarships offered by the college you interested in attending that includes the criteria. Some of these lists are not published or distributed to students but instead remain within the financial aid office of a school and are matched to students who are viewed as eligible.

Check with organizations you are involved with or those that support your interests or hobbies. For example, the Vegetarian Resource Group awards money for school to students who promote vegetarianism within the community and write an essay about being a vegetarian.

Online. The internet is without a doubt the number one way to find unusual scholarships. There are many databases that allow you to search for contests and awards based on your own personal characteristics and criteria. The best custom search I have found is on unusual scholarships, and it is completely free.