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Grants For Single Mothers – Getting Grants and Scholarships As a Single Mother is Now Easy!

Both the United States government and many private organizations provide an extensive array of financial grants for single mothers. Women in this demographic often find themselves in desperate financial straits as they seek to provide for their children, maintain a home, and keep a steady job. Because of the myriad demands placed on these women, they are often forced to put their own dreams, goals, and educational aspirations on permanent hold. Single mothers frequently find themselves caught in a vicious cycle of poverty; those without a college education are almost always paid significantly less than workers who hold college degrees. Thankfully, today’s woman may be able to take advantage of several different types of grants for single mothers.

There are currently 26 government agencies that provide education funding in the form of grants for single mothers and other demographics. The application process is usually quite lengthy, and no applicant is guaranteed to receive funding. For this reason, it is wise to not place all of the proverbial eggs in one basket; women in search of financial aid should not limit themselves to applying for government-based grants. Many colleges and universities also earmark funds to be used as grants for single mothers. Applicants to any educational institution should place a telephone call to the Financial Aid Office; the staff should be thoroughly familiar with the types of aid offered by the institution and can provide guidance about grants for single mothers. Such funding can be used to pay not only for tuition costs, but also for other qualified expenses such as textbooks and housing. Many states also provide educational grants for single mothers. An excellent place to begin searching for this money is by visiting the website of the state in question; recipients of these grants must be residents of the state providing the funds.

Bear in mind that many grants come with attached conditions to which the recipient must agree before the funds are released; these conditions usually involve community service, or other tasks performed by the grant recipient in exchange for the money. Educational grants are not the only type of grants for single mothers. Other types of grants can help these women open their own business, or even just meet the daily financial stresses of being a single parent. Religious organizations can also provide valuable sources of funding, as well as other types of aid. Groups such as the Salvation Army are famous for their thrift stores and food pantries, where people with limited means can find affordable clothing and food for their families.

Many such organizations also provide educational and career grants for single mothers. As with other grant sources, the Internet is a wonderful repository of information. Interested women should inquire about grants available through the Unitarian Universalist Church and the Ba’hai Faith, two groups who are especially known for their financial outreach activities. At times, the stress of being a single parent may seem crippling. Thankfully, by taking advantage of various grants for single mothers available both from the government and from private organizations, these courageous women are no longer automatically forced to abandon their dreams of college, a good job, and a secure life for themselves and their children.